Are You Leading A Stressed Life: These Are Major Reasons For It

Are You Leading A Stressed Life: These Are Major Reasons For It

Major Reasons for Stress in Life

Stress in Life

A study was conducted to understand the Main Causes of Stress. It comprised of 43 stress causing parameters which was updated to 55 causes in the year 2006.

First Understand What Is Stress

What is Stres

Stress is an Emotional and Physiological reaction to anything which happens to disturb the Stability of our Lives or Our Equilibrium in some manner or other.

  • Stress is triggered when we are faced with overwhelming demands;
  • The demands can be large or small. Importance we attach to them decides their impact;
  • When we feel incapable of coping with these demands, it result in Stress;
  • Prolonged exposure to these can have an impact on Physical, Emotional and Mental Health;
  • Most of us feel “Stressed Out” at least once a month;
  • Majority of Illnesses, Decease and visits to doctors, are for stress-related problems;
  • Stress generally grows slowly and can go Unnoticed, or Ignored, for Months and Years together;
  • Lack of Time, Information and/ or Willingness to cure it can cause it to build up until we reach the stage of break-up under the pressure.

Now here the major point is that would take necessary steps/ actions to eliminate it, if you knew the causes of stress in your life?

Can you Eliminate Stress – or can it be an autoimmune disease that is with you all your life many a times resulting in one’s death?

Most studies agree that financial constraints are a major cause of stress. In an on-line survey conducted in 2005 by LifeCare Inc., a US Based Organization, 23 percent of respondents named these, i.e. Financial Constraints as the main cause of stress in their lives.

Most who named finances as the cause of stress said they need money to purchase things, such as an Automobile or a House.

Elderly Citizens find Retirement Income a major cause Worry and Stress. Middle Aged people cited Employment as another cause of stress.

They worried about getting and maintaining Employment that is adequate to fulfill their needs and status.

Students, especially adolescents and college goings, cited school/ college work as a reason for stress.

Family, howsoever wonderful every member might be, is also a top cause of stress. A Sick Family Member, a Severe Trauma, Pregnancy, Miscarriage etc., all cause anxiety.

For many individuals, too Little Control over their Own Time is another major Cause of Stress.

Top 10 Most Stressful Life Events

Most Stressful Events

So what are the top ten Stressful Life Events on the Holmes and Rahe scale, and how are they used to predict the likelihood of illness?

Each event is assigned a “Life Change Unit” score. These are then added together over a year and used to predict illness. For adults, the top ten most stressful life events and their “Life Change Unit” scores are as follows:

  • Death of a spouse : 100
  • Divorce : 73
  • Marital separation : 65
  • Imprisonment : 63
  • Death of a close family member : 63
  • Personal injury or illness : 53
  • Marriage : 50
  • Dismissal from work : 47
  • Marital reconciliation : 45
  • Retirement : 45

A score of 300 or higher puts a person at Great Risk of Illness. 150-299 shows a Moderate Risk of Illness and a score of less than 150 predicts only a Slight Risk of Illness.

The scale was modified for “non-adults” and is scored in the same way:

  • Death of a parent : 100
  • Unplanned pregnancy/abortion : 100
  • Getting married : 95
  • Divorce of parents : 90
  • Acquiring a visible deformity : 80
  • Fathering a child : 70
  • Jail sentence of a parent for over one year : 70
  • Marital separation of parents : 69
  • Death of a sibling : 68
  • Change in acceptance by peers : 67


It is interesting to note that by number ten on the Adult Scale, the “Life Change Unit” score drops down to 45, but on the non-adult scale it is still relatively high at 67.

This may indicate that Non-Adults are less able to cope with stressful events and need more assistance to Navigate/ Manage Stressful Times.

Ways to Manage Stress

ways to Manage Stress

To Everybody Stress might have Bad Effects on his/ her Mind and Body. All understand that stress is a matter that is complex. Managing it takes more than a Few Deep Breaths & Positive Thoughts for most of us. It requires much more than it, including Expert Guidance.

The problem with the Body’s Stress Response Process is that as there are so many situations that can trigger stress, which many a times are otherwise very insignificant e.g. a Traffic Jams or some Minor Delay in Work You Are Doing etc.

The more often your body responds to these crises, harder it is for it to Shut Off Your Stress Hormones. So your Heart Beat Rate, & Blood Pressure remain elevated long after the crisis has passed.

This puts a heavy toll on your system that may lead to long term health issues. You will agree it is therefore essential to learn how to deal with Stress in a way that has a Positive Influence & Reduce its Negative Impact on your Daily Life.

Healthy Body and Strong & Positive Mental state never fails to help reduce the intensity of Stress on your Life.

Deep Breathing Calms Anxiety. Breathing supply oxygen and it Lowers Heartbeat and Blood Pressure which in turn reduce nervousness.

Assistance from Others, like Healing Therapists, will allow you to work your Attention and Thoughts away from Negativity Circle that is Inside. Healthy Mind: It is common that almost 80 percent of Thoughts/ Ideas, which we Carry or Generate, are Negative which and have a Negative impact on our body and effects Behaviors and Thought Patterns Subconsciously.

Have Complete Relaxation, which is not so easy to do, but by practicing certain Relaxation Methods you can counter the Bad Effects of Stress.

If practiced on a regular basis Yoga is Extremely Effective to Stay Relaxed, Positive and Healthy.

Follow our 10 simple tips to help manage and reduce your stress levels:

  • Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol, and Nicotine;
  • Indulge in as mush Physical Activity as possible starting with a Long Walk in the Morning;
  • Get More Sleep;
  • Try Relaxation Techniques;
  • Talk to Someone;
  • Keep a Stress Diary;
  • Take Control of Your Mind & Body;
  • Manage Your Time;
  • Learn to Say ‘No’;
  • Take as much Rest as You Can;

To help Yourself over the long-term, in Controlling and Managing Stress:

  • In-build Stress-Reducing activities in your life, such as Exercise, Relaxation and Some Mind & Body Engaging Hobbies;
  • Eat well and ensure you have sufficient rest and sleep to prepare yourself for the inevitable stresses of life;
  • Avoid making Self-Critical comments;
  • Become aware of your own Strengths, Weaknesses and Needs;
  • Get plenty of support from others, including Experts, instead of coping alone;
  • Write down your thoughts;
  • Decide on Priorities;
  • Look for solutions;
  • Think what another person might do in situation as that of yours;
  • Delegate/ Share Responsibility, and Renegotiate Deadlines;
  • Prepare for events, as much as possible, in advance;
  • Don’t try to be Perfect, or expect others to be Perfect;
  • Seek Expert Advice for Physical and Emotional Symptoms;


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