Balancing Life

Balancing Life

What we all say is that: ‘We Have Lived Our Life’ or ‘We Are Living Our Life’. But what most of us don’t know is that we never Lived Our Lives but just passed time.

We came on this Mother Earth with two main purposes: ‘To Be Happy’ and ‘To Make Others Happy’. But unfortunately in most of the cases we fail to do either of these. Most of the time it happens that in our lives we are running after one thing and ignoring/forgetting others.

Like as an example when we are young we are too involved in our studies, may be under the pressure of our parents or self worry of making our career, that we hardly find time to either enjoy our own childhood or give happiness to our parents which they derive from their children.

Then a stage comes when we either take up a job or start our own business. Here again we join the rat race of earning money or moving up in our career, again finding hardly any time for our near and dear ones, which can be our parents, wife, children or even friends. What to talk of finding time for others we are hardly able to find time for ourselves.

There are many such examples for the different stages of our life. But this is not for what we came to this earth. We are neither finding happiness for ourselves nor making our others happy. There will not be more than may be 1-2% of people who are successful in doing these and live their lives, others just pass time. This leads to multiple problems, be it Medical or Mental.

It is high time that we realize this and wake up. It is never too late and sooner the better. But the question is that what should we do?

We must create a perfect balance in our life where we give time, both physically and emotionally, to everything that makes, what we call an ‘Ideal Life’, which is full of Happiness, Energy, Love, Compassion and much more. We should not be running after one thing only but rather create an optimum balance to have as much of everything as possible.

Now the big question with everyone will be how to do this act of ‘Balancing Life’. I write hereunder a few very simple steps, easily doable by everyone to achieve this:


Take some time to honestly analyze your life, your state of mind, and how you’re feeling. Be honest with yourself and notice the areas of your life that you’re neglecting.

Notice if you’re bent more towards something, and if there are areas that you would like to be more balanced.

Set Goals

Set goals for your life and write them on a piece of paper and preserve this paper, so that you can look at your goals whenever you feel that you are deviating from your decided path. While setting these goals make a small analysis that what is important and what is not.

Plan Tasks & execute

Make a list of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that you will need to do to achieve each of these goals. Then analyze that are they working as you desired them to and If not, how can you do differently?

Just like accomplishing any goal in life, it takes time and effort to overcome your habitual patterns and create new ones. If you stay on track with this detailed and intentional process for three whole months, then there is a good chance you will create new habits to enjoy a more balanced life going forward!

Periodic Analysis

Check periodically that what is inside you that is trying to keep you away from sticking to your plan (fears, worries, doubts, negative self talk)? Can you specify the things you will say to yourself to put you back on track? Make a list.

Connect with an Expert/ Guide

Try to see that is there a person whom you can use to keep yourself supported, motivated, and focused in this journey? I highly recommend connecting and sharing your inner process with someone. Find someone who can help you challenge your inner demons, and celebrate your little accomplishments.

Good Luck! Be Happy and Make Others Happy!

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