Cancer: It is Curable, Heal It

Cancer: It is Curable, Heal It


When we think of word ‘Cancer’ what comes to our mind is Certain Death. It is general perception in the minds of people that Cancer is non-curable. This is true also to quite an extent, going by the history. But what I want to stress upon here is that this deadly disease is very much curable provided you have the Right Mental Strength and Will Power.

I will try to explain this with the live example of my wife, who incidentally is also the co-promoter of this blog site ‘Balance Your Life’. She was detected with Breast Cancer in the year 2013. Due to late detection and delay in start of treatment it had spread to her underarms also. Stage of Cancer was found to be ‘3C’. Doctors gave her a maximum life of two years. When this news was disclosed to us, we felt as if our world was falling apart.

Cancer Patient Operation

We got her operated after which though the cancer from her breast area was removed, but it very much remained in underarms. Then started the long cycles of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. This continued for almost ten months. With every passing day her health was deteriorating.

Healing Cancer

Then one fine day she decided to take this disease head-on. She contacted a Hypnotherapist and started taking regular sessions from her to develop the requisite mental strength. So her Mental as well Medical treatments started side by side.

End result is that even after the passage of more than four years she is leading an absolutely normal life, without any traces of cancer whatsoever. She had to undergo regular check-ups after every three months for the first two years after the completion of her medical treatment, but none of tests showed any traces of Cancer, whatsoever.

So with a combination of Medical as well Mental Treatments she was able to pull herself out of the jaws of probable death, as told to us by her doctors. She got so convinced and influenced by the power of mind to fight adverse situations that she left her highly paid and secure public sector job to take this, i.e. being a Mental Therapist, profession full time. Now she is not only curing herself but many others who are passing through the situations, she was in at one time.

Fighting Cancer

Here at no stage I am undermining the importance of Medical Treatment, but trying to convey that Mental Treatment, that is gaining Mental Strength & Will Power to fight disease, is equally important. With the combination of these two treatments you can not only fight a disease as deadly as Cancer but for that matter any.

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