GK Bedi

After gaining qualification and Engineering & Management and spending more than 27 years in professional world, I realized that as we go up the ladder in corporate we carry along with us lot of stress and tension. It is not only the case with people at top, but even at lower levels due to pressure of work and targets, prolonged working hours, cut throat competition people are falling victims to Anxiety & Depression.

These are not only hampering their performance levels in offices but have also gone into their personal lives. Their relations whether it is parents, wife or even children are suffering. They virtually end up carrying the stress and load of their work place to their homes. Because of Mobiles, they are accessible 24×7 and this further ad to their stress.

It is because of these reasons that they are getting habitual to stress reliving tools like Alcohol, Prescribed Drugs and even Un-prescribed drugs. This all is taking a heavy toll not only on their performance but Health, Relations and Emotions as well and all that ultimately leads to Financial Problems.

So with my experience I realized that this needs a very serious attention, before it is too late; somewhat late it already is but with concrete corrective measures can be rectified.

So I took it up as a mission to help people suffering from any of these problems and started this platform with my wife who is already working in this field and is a certified therapist from many International as well National Institutions/ Organizations.