Learn Theta Healing: Get Prosperity, Happiness, and Energy

Learn Theta Healing: Get Prosperity, Happiness, and Energy

Learn Theta Healing: What & Why

Learn Theta Healing

Learning Theta Healing will not only help you Earn Handsomely but will also get you Happiness, Energy, Relations and much more.

The Theta Healing Centre provides Accredited Theta Healing Therapist/ practitioner Course. We aim to provide you with a quality learning experience and surroundings where your learning and wellbeing is of paramount significance.

Theta Healing Basic Course teaches you tools which will allow you to discharge old patterns and create a brand-new abundant future. It is an investment which will pay you dividends for the rest of with your life.

Theta Healing Basic Course is a Three Day intensive life-altering experience. Learn the real power of your Ideas, Actions and Words and the way they’re constantly influencing your life.

The Theta – Healing Fundamental course educates you how to find your/ other’s hidden limiting Subconscious Beliefs and Emotions that are generating blocks and barriers in your/ their life.

You will learn how to apply Theta Healing to just discard these limiting Subconscious Beliefs and Emotions. You will learn the technique to replace them with new enabling ones. Also, understand how to align your own Conscious and Subconscious to achieve your Goals and Dreams

In addition, you also learn the history and theories behind this technique. In this class, you will learn advanced Theta Healing Techniques and acquire deeper understanding and training of the Belief Work.

You will get a lot of written material to favorably change your own/ your client’s life. You go through various energies because you learn to connect with all those Physical and Non-Physical Seven Planes of Existence.

This class teaches you how to look at the Physical Behaviors, Mental Attitudes and Energy blocks that prevent you from having prosperity – of all types – in your life.

Benefits of Learning Theta Healing

Theta Healing Benefits

Benefit from our expertise in working and training in the Personal Development Arena. This course can be done both with groups also on an individual basis.

The Intuitive Anatomy course takes you to another level of Theta Practicing. Below you’ll find a short description of all of the topics to be covered in the course/ training.

Learn how to read the body, and discover those Beliefs and Programs that may lead to physical disease.

The class will help you to identify and clear your/ your client’s prejudices relating to Nations, Race, Religion, Society, Governments, Human Sexuality and several other comparable issues.

You’ll have more understanding, acceptance also compassion for your fellow human being. It will let you be more at ease with different Clients, Co-workers, and Social Acquaintances.

The course familiarizes you with the intuitive body. It helps you acquire skills to focus on particular disease and the Beliefs associated with it. In her journey of several years of practicing, Vianna has experimented as being associated with each.

Another advantage is that you will clear your very own programs about working with particular disease, and acquire more skills in working with your clients.

During this course, you’ll also learn and understand how to apply Theta Healing to yourself and others. You also Learn and Experience personal recovery system on a very deep level.

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