Live Happy & Stress Free: Try Past Life Regression

Live Happy & Stress Free: Try Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Therapy

Whether you are simply curious about experiencing this fascinating concept of Hypnotherapy, interested in finding out how your past life unfolds or trying to use it as a way to solve deep rooted issues, you can be sure to leave a session of Past Life Regression having found out a lot more about yourself and your inner psyche.

Clients are surprised at what they get from this experience. There are plenty of ways that this Therapy, that is absolutely safe, can be useful. Past Life Regression may be used as a one to one encounter with your past lives.

Past Life Regression is for what?

Past Life Regression might be done over one to five/six sessions for a resolution of:

  • Nervousness;
  • Fears;
  • Phobias;
  • Unresolved Trauma;
  • Unhelpful Patterns of Negative Thinking;
  • Self Esteem problems;
  • And also to alleviate a wide variety of physical conditions in your present life which have come around from a reincarnation;

Number of sessions required solely depends on number of issues to be resolved and seriousness/ complexity of these and how much willingness you have to ace your unresolved issues.

It is especially valuable for individuals who have Fears and Phobias which may appear to trigger something which you can’t comprehend. Perhaps you’ve had a feeling of dj vue and felt that a place seemed familiar to you despite the fact that you’ve never visited it before.

No matter what are your reasons Past Life Regression Therapy can quickly bring about a resolution and harmony, that you need the most, to your present life.

People are/ were cataleptic about it, though some religions advocate the idea of reincarnation in their belief system.

How Past Life Regression is done

Past Life Regression Therapist

Past Life Regression Therapists began using reincarnation regression as a Healing Tool to cure people. They attempt by sending them back to the moment or period that represents the spot or cause of current issue/ s so as to try solving this/ these issue/ s of their clients.

The session starts with past Life Regression Therapist taking his/ her client in a stage of relaxation with exercise. An induction technique along with a few instructions is used.

You’ll be knowledgeable as to the Regression Therapist’s voice along with other noises, and sense the temperature of the air inside the room, while at the exact same time be deeply involved with imagining and feeling the events of a previous experience.

The subject’s Subconscious Mind will take the Past Life Regression Therapist to the problem’s root. When the patient begins communicating her or his emotions, describing the images that she or he sees, sometimes pronouncing obsessive words, the difficult part begins.

The Past Life Regression Therapist would put the pieces of info together and interpret them in order that they make sense. It can take some time and lots of practice for one to reach that level of understanding.

By working with traumatic memories from previous lives, Past Life Regression Therapists occasionally discover the origin of both a physical and/ or emotional problem. They even detect a belief in this patient’s subconscious which limits her or his success in life.

Many phobic reactions that couldn’t be explained by any current life experience come to light following a session of reincarnation regression.

Past Life Regression Benefits

Past Life Regression Benefits

As form of Therapy, Past Life Regression is regarded as very efficient for a broad range of emotional problems, particularly in the arena of human relationships.

Past Life Regression Work entails to bring to consciousness those events from our Past that, left unresolved, and are currently impacting on our day to day affairs. Issues can stem from situations in lives, birth states or childhood.

It refers to the person’s experience of going back to an important event in his/ her past where she/ he experiences the event/ s as if it/ these was/ were occurring now. In this state an individual gets a Second opportunity to fully experience and elaborate an event from his/her past which, for several reasons, she/ he could not do otherwise.

Regression Work’s benefits are multifaceted as people who undergo this Therapy tell. Life becomes more enjoyable. There are no limits to the number and type of advantages that come from regression work -mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Regression Work can be facilitated using hypnotism or whatever technique helps you reach a state of sub-consciousness.

A type of mild trance state, where your attention is focused deeply inward, with a heightened consciousness of both inner and outer goings-on.

Benefits of Past Life Regression

How long does Past Life Regression Therapy Takes

People often want to know how long Past Life Regression Therapy will take to solve the known or unknown issues. It depends on how willing you’re to face your unresolved issues.

If you wish to do a regression because you’re curious about experience, it only takes one session to satisfy that curiosity albeit of small value. In case you’ve done a personal function and have a few, specific problems you would like to clear, it might take several sessions.

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