Amethyst Tree

Amethyst Tree

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About ‘Amethyst Tree’

This beautiful Crystal Tree, comprised of a trunk of resin and branches of twisted wire, drizzled with Amethyst crystal bits.

Amethyst, known as the “Stone that Heals”. It is a semi-precious stone which has been known since ancient times to contain mystical properties of healing and spirituality

The story behind the Crystal Tree is that a heavenly fairy, Shang Ziyie, travelled to Earth with the intents to marry Chooi Wen Lui, a small village commoner.

Because they had little money, the fairy fostered a magic tree, which created coins. It provided her family with the means to survive, and also assisted the other villagers when they gave it a shake. In modern days, a small Crystal Tree is displayed in Homes and Offices, to signify a steady profit and everlasting financial support.

Benefits of ‘Amethyst Tree’

It is most well known for its healing effects. It is said to have the ability to rid the body of ailments of the mind, such as Anxiety, Stress or Depression.

These diseases are often the root cause of other problems such as insomnia or uncontrollable anger. These disorders often affect one’s relationships with those around them. So the use of Amethyst will also prove to improve personal connections and networking.

For those who suffer from addictions to various substances, Amethyst is found to be helpful. It’s said to have the potency to tranquillise the mind, removing the constant need for substance intake.

Because of this highly desired property, this gem is often used to sustain sobriety and prevent further addictions.

It’s also believed to clear your mind of any negative thoughts. It Replaces your body with beneficial chi, to once again make you happy and healthy. Amethyst is said to help one sleep well and have the necessary amount of peaceful rest.

Real-life wish-fulfilling tree is a common sight in many Asian countries (such as Hong Kong or China).

Believers toss wishes inscribed on red incantation papers at the tree. These “wish trees” will then make the wish come true.

Since olden times, the wish tree has been a potent tool, used to summon better health, wealth, and family harmony.

There are many Chinese texts which show that coins grew from the branches of the wish tree and fell into a bountiful treasure bowl.

It is for this reason that people keep the Crystal Tree, in the hopes that they will always have enough fortune in their lives.

Some Feng Shui Tips on the placement of this Good Luck Tool:

  • To enhance Educational Luck, place Feng Shui Crystal Tree in the Northeast corner of the Student’s  Bedroom;
  • Positioning it in the Earth sector (Centre) of the main family room is said to serve to improve harmony and bonds between family members;
  • Hone your study skills and create improved memory and attentiveness. This can be done by placing this Feng Shui Wish-Fulfilling Crystal Tree on your work or study desk is believed to help;
  • According to Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula, the Northwest sector is the sector of Mentor Luck. It is for this reason that displaying a Crystal tree in this corner is said to create money luck and support from          influential icon in your work life.

         This works because the Earth energy of crystal produces Metal energy, the base element of Northwest sector.

  • The lucky Mountain Star 8 is a great enhancer of networking luck. Placing the Feng Shui Crystal Tree in this site of your home is believed to create for you a greater sense of popularity. It also improves your  relationships;
  • There can be increased luck in the areas of Love and Romance, Family Harmony, Well-being of the family . For this place this Wish-fulfilling Crystal Tree in the Southwest corner of your Family Room.

          It is governor of Romance and Love Luck, according to Feng Shui Bagua 8 Life Aspiration formula. For this                  the most effective is the South-West sector, because it is of the Earth element.

          It will assist in facilitating closeness between spouses or rejuvenating a lagging relationship.

  • Placing this Crystal Tree near sleeping area helps a Restful, Peaceful and Rejuvenating sleep.


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