Black Onyx Pendants

Black Onyx Pendants

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Onyx Stone: An Intro

The beautiful Onyx jet black, secretive, and impenetrable. This unusual gemstone isn’t just popular for making jewellery. Its strengthening, healing powers have been used and highly prized for hundreds of years.

The US and Brazil are the major producers of this stone, as well as Yemen, Pakistan, Uruguay, and Madagascar. From a geological standpoint, onyx is a variety of chalcedony, which is a type of quartz.

Onyx stones are either fully opaque or slightly translucent, and consist of layers of black and white stone. The Sardonyx is a particular type of onyx. This variation is deep reddish brown with white bands. The deep brownish tone is difficult to distinguish from black if the stone is solid coloured.

Dark, solid coloured stones or stones with only light banding are most popular in the jewellery industry, Layered onyx stones, on the other hand, are great for carving cameos. The pattern on an onyx stone isn’t important if you want to use it as a healing stone.

Of course, the stone should appeal to you visually. Onyx marble, on the other hand, is a type of limestone. It has a significantly different healing effect than real onyx.

Healing Jewellery Made of Onyx

It takes some time for the healing effects of onyx to make themselves clear. That’s why it can make sense to wear the stone continuously for weeks at a time.

Onyx Pendants are the perfect way to keep onyx close to your heart and your skin. Classic round donuts shaped pendants are a great choice for a beautiful necklace.

They also look wonderful with a leather cord.


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