Coral & Pearl Necklace

Coral & Pearl Necklace

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Coral & Pearl Necklace

Pearl and Red Coral are the only two Organic Gemstones amongst the 9 Gemstones recommended for attracting beneficial planetary energies of the respective planets.

Red Coral is hot gemstone as per its prakriti (inherent nature) and Pearl is a cold gemstone as per its prakriti.

Mars and Red Coral

Mars by nature is a courageous and initiative taking planet. Its represents force, strength, go getter attitude, ability to take risks and also the ability to take decisions with conviction.

Red Coral is the Gemstone of Mars and it represents all that Mars stands for and harnesses the energy of Mars to the maximum.

Wearing a Real Jyotish Organic Coral boosts Self Confidence, Esteem, gives courage and banishes fear.

It revitalises and rejuvenates the Individual.

The Red Coral is used in making many Ayurveda Medicines also.


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