Mix Stone Money Tree: Big

Mix Stone Money Tree: Big

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Mix Stone Money Tree: What They Are

Feng Shui Stone Trees are Charming and Delightful Home Decorative pieces. These crystals are made up with five types of mixed crystals – Aventurine, Amethyst, Red Agate, Rose Quartz and Citrine.

Each of crystal type has its own intrinsic beneficial belongings.

As to the number and the shape of crystals on the tree, the more crystals, the better it will be. After all, the tree symbolizes stability, growth, as well as a long life blessed with abundance.

Every time you feel that the crystals are out of energy, the best way to reactivate them. Shine some lights on them or put them under the sun for 3 hours, because fire energy produces earth energy.

This signifies nurturing the energy of the mother earth which results in activating the crystal power even more.

Benefits of Mix Stone Money Tree

  • Feng Shui Home Decor Stone Tree, Vaastu helps to improve the business;
  • These Gem Stones Tree brings Positive Energy & Prosperity;
  • According to Feng Shui, Vaastu Gem Stone Tree brings Good Luck;
  • The Multicolored Crystal Tree can be used to Empower and Infuse your home or workplace with Healthful Energy;
  • They are also best used for Healing and Protection by producing sacred space for homes and workplaces;
  • These are excellent for use in your Children and Creativity area;

Where to place the tree?

  • The Multicolored Crystal Tree can be placed anywhere you want to cleanse and enhance, including the bedroom;
  • Feng Shui Crystal Tree in the Northwest corner of home to increase Money Luck and Opportunities in your business;
  • Place the Mix Gems Feng Shui Crystal Tree in the Southwest sector of your living rooms or bedroom to enhance your Love, Romance and Luck;
  • When placed at work place or offices, it would bring you a smooth ride and ability to counter all resistance to create a path for continuous promotion;
  • When placed at the cashiers counters, it brings you more sales;
  • When placed at your investment desks, it brings more speculative luck;
  • For Homes or any room where creating a balance for 5-Elements is difficult due to placement of furniture and associated colours of decoration, the multi-coloured Gem Tree could balance the energy flow throughout our homes and living spaces.


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