Pyrite Bracelet

Pyrite Bracelet

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Pyrite Stones

The resemblance of Pyrite to gold has made it a traditional symbol for money, prosperity and good luck.  It’s sunny golden colour associates it with the sun, connecting you to the warming and revitalising energies of the sun.

Pyrite is also known to help remedy financial hardship and attract abundance.

It is an excellent gemstone to use for manifestation, especially in regards to wealth and prosperity. Pyrite also helps you to make wise financial decisions, encouraging you to see the positives in life instead of the negatives.

Pyrite Bracelet

Wearing Pyrite Bracelets and Jewellery increases the power of the third solar chakra in both men and women.

When the Pyrite Jewellery touches your skin, it immediately gives you an increase in vitality and a zest for life, helping you to accomplish any tasks that may be looming over your head.

This gemstone enhances your willpower and motivation, making it especially helpful in overcoming bad habits. A Pyrite Bracelet can help you feel balanced, energised and full of positive energy.

 Wearing Pyrite Jewellery helps you to go after your goals and dreams, taking action and working until you accomplish the task. It helps you to overcome any fears that may be standing in your way of achieving success and greatness. Those who have trouble coming out of their shell and embracing who they are should try wearing a piece of Pyrite Stone Jewellery, as it will be particularly beneficial for them.

Bringing a piece of Pyrite Jewellery into your energy field will help further you on your path to achieving your dreams and goals. Find the pyrite bracelet or necklace that is perfect for you!


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