Tumble Stone: Labradorite

Tumble Stone: Labradorite

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Tumble Stone: Labradorite

Tumble Stone Labradorite clears and opens all the Chakras, stimulating and magnifying your intention.

It is a power gemstone that allows you to see through illusions to determine the actual tangible form of your dreams and goals.

Wearing Labradorite jewellery helps to stimulate your inner awareness. It brings you closer to self-discovery and self-fulfilment.

Its Bracelet can help bring you closer to unfolding your true-life purpose. Thus discovering your true divine destiny.

It helps to unify the mind, body and spirit so that your whole energy can work in harmony to help achieve your dreams and goals.

Due to its rainbow of brilliant hues, this magical gemstone helps to purify your energy. It connects you with the energy of the light.


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