Tumble Stone: Red Jasper

Tumble Stone: Red Jasper

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Tumble Stone: Red Jasper

Since ancient times, Jasper stones have been highly valued for their healing and grounding properties. Found all over the world, this healing gemstone deepens your connection to the Earth. It helps to reduce stress, calm your mind and ground your energy.

There are hundreds of different types of Jasper, resulting in many beautiful variations of Jasper Jewellery and bracelets. Due to their special properties, some of our favourite Jaspers for Jasper Jewellery are Red Jasper, Fancy Jasper and Yellow Jasper.

Connected with the Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra, Red Jasper helps to enhance your endurance, stamina and vitality. This increases the amount of chi or life energy that flows through the body.

Wearing a Red Jasper stone bracelet strengthens the root chakra and your connection to the Earth. Encouraging motivation and stimulating physical energy.

It is also beneficial to wear a red jasper bracelet if you are a person who often feels a bit scattered and unfocused.

Fancy Jasper is an ideal gemstone for slow and steady healing, making it an essential part of our Health Bracelet. It helps to remove all the energy blockages within the body to bring balance and better health.

Wearing a fancy jasper bracelet helps to focus the mind and calm your fears and worries, as it resonates with all the chakras. It is said to help remedy chronic health problems dealing with the body and the mind.

Yellow Jasper is one of our favourite variations of jasper, as it carries the energy of the sun. It constantly emits positive vibrations, connecting you to the Earth and promoting happiness and positivity.

Wearing yellow jasper jewellery reminds you to stay connected and grounded with the Earth so that a surge of life force energy can move through the body.

It also helps to increase your self-confidence, especially in situations where you may feel overwhelmed and out of your comfort zone. Having Yellow Jasper Stone Jewellery on your body will help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. It instead replaces them with joy, well-being and overall happiness.


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