Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression, These are Killers, and Live Happily

Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression, These are Killers, and Live Happily

Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression, These are Killers, and Live Happily

In today’s world we all are under some kind of STRESS. Be it due to Relations, Money, Work Pressure etc. to name some. This Stress is causing, sometimes irreparable, loss to our life and leading to things like Panic, Anxiety, Depression, Loss of Sleep/appetite and so on.

This Stress is a result of worrying too much. No matter how rich or famous we become, if we get worried about different things, Life won’t be fascinating to us.

  • Alexis Carrel- A Nobel Prize winner said “People Who Do Not Know How to Fight Worry Die Early”
  • Also says Dr. O. F. Goberon a Top Physician that 70%OF Diseases Can Cure Themselves if we Only Get Rid Of our “Fears” And “Worries”

In a study 15000 patients were examined who had stomach disorders and it was found that in majority of them Fear & Worries was The Reasons for the Illness. Doctors say that Stomach Ulcers, which if not treated properly can at times prove out to be very harmful, are nothing but the results of our over-worrying attitude.

These killer diseases if not cured in time can make us habitual of smoking, drinking, drug intake thus making situation really bad. This can ultimately lead to addiction of these. Addiction is basically the state of being dependent on certain substance. This can push us towards certain self destruction and even death.

Let me tell you three simple steps to overcome worries, thus Depression & Anxiety

  • Analyze the situation fearlessly and honestly and try to figure out what is the worst that could possible happen;
    Mentally accept the worst possible outcome;
  • Try to improve the worst which you have already accepted;
  • We get depressed over the things we don’t have. Rather start feeling blessed with the things you have. I read somewhere:

“I was in Blues: Because I Had no Shoes, till I saw a person Who Had no Feet”

So to end worries, thus Anxiety and Depression:

  • Make a Habit of Counting Your Blessings;
  • At-least Once in A Day and say thanks to God;
  • Start doing this and you will find yourself a transformed person free of above killer diseases.

Don’t allow yourself to get upset over small issues. Mostly things are not as big and bad as they seem to be. We worry on so stupid things which don’t really matter.

Long time back Michel DE. Montaigne said:


In a research it was found that about 85% of the things/issues on which we are worried never happen and of remaining 15%, majority are not worth worrying about. Which means that almost 97% of worries are nothing but your “Unfounded Fear” which is killing you. So find ways to avoid unnecessary worries. Some of them are:

  • Stay busy working on things which involves you Creativity, Planning and Focus. Do exercise, read books, paint, play music etc;
  • Think and Act Cheerful. As we can’t do two different things at the same time, same way we can’t be sad and both happy at the same time;
  • Smile when feel tensed, you will feel better. It is said “Learn to Smile when you are Sad & you will never be Sad Again”;

These are some very simple and doable steps, but if followed religiously can make our lives happy and this world a place to live upon. We can live in complete Piece & Harmony. We can not only be happy ourselves but make others also happy.

Good Luck! Be Happy!

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